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June 20 2017



When you look into the audience at my shows, you see a beautiful, diverse, pure, happy crowd. Thousands of people, incredibly different, all there for the same reason, music. Music is something that everyone on Earth can share. Music is meant to heal us, to bring us together, to make us happy. So that is what it will continue to do for us. We will continue in honor of the ones we lost, their loved ones, my fans and all affected by this tragedy. They will be on my mind and in my heart everyday and I will think of them with everything I do for the rest of my life.

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You like a professional asshole or what?

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Chris Evans for Buzzfeed

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My dad worked away a lot, on tour, so my mom would pick my brother and me up from school. She’d be on a conference call on loudspeaker while hanging out with us, so I’d be listening and saying things like, “I don’t think John knows what he’s talking about.” I absorbed a business mentality. In terms of feminist issues, my mom never told me, like, “It’s gonna be tough. You’ve got boobs.” But I saw that there was no difference between my mom and my dad in terms of what they were capable of because of their genders.

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Chris Pine for DuJour 2016 

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4x10 // 5x01


[gif request meme] anonymous requested:
↳ supernatural + favorite female character (1) [jody mills]  


Kristen Stewart photographed by Hedi Slimane for “Wonderland”, February 2015.

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I gotta get me one of those.

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SuperCorp & “friends”



I’m proud of you. You know, standing up to your dad, and being a good guy for Haley. You’re turning into the kind of guy I always knew you could be. (requested by anonymous)

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Tell me about the shooter. He’s fast. Strong. Had a metal arm.

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This is Mako Mori. One of our brightest.

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All you do is yell at each other, you’re not friends. No, we’re family.

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